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Muse Pop


The MUSEPOP founders have 20+ years experience producing events, exhibits and interactive installations around the world for a range of clients. We are passionate about creating unique, fun, and memorable experiences. We love people, animals, collaboration and the local communities where we work. We often produce events for fun, to build community, or to benefit causes such as the environment or local arts and culture. We have worked on projects for nearly every business sector and event type. 

Debuti is an artists collective based in San Francisco which roots lean underneath the infamous I Poop You. Debuti means ‘cool’ , ‘sounds good‘, ‘ok’ and many other positive meanings, in ‘Madrilian’ slang, or Spanish from Madrid, where the two founders are originally from.

Iron Lotus Street Dance Company


IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company was founded in 2015 by Agatron & Aquamarine (who is now a Portland DJ), intended to focus on the Boogaloo, Robotting, Strutting, Popping, Mime, & Storytelling arts, training dancers from backgrounds in all styles, and performing for a wide variety of venues within and beyond the Bay Area. IRON LOTUS studies and performs original Bay Area Street Dance styles originating from the African-American community.


Pam Ward


The Bookhive is an 2019 art piece by Pam Ward . Pam is an Irish artist that

lives in the heart of San Francisco since 2012. Her love of books and color

translates into her art. In 2019, she was a Burning man honorarium with her

piece called The Bards Branch a Organic tree library using over 2,300 books

from the Public library's Deseeding program. These book where gifted to the

participants after the event. Pam believes in creating art by using renewable,

sustainable materials.

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